Weir and Hodgkinson Estate Agency
Launched early 2011

The specification for this commission by an independent estate agency was a fully dynamic website that the client could easily update and manipulate.

This was achieved by building a custom CMS that enabled stylisation via a bespoke WYSIWYG HTML text editor and a multiple image uploader built with Flash and AS3.

As well as changing individual property details the slideshow on the home page along with T-board style notice holder can be dynamically altered.

Utilising the Google Maps API means that not only is each property given its own accompanying map, but also the results of the search facility are ordered by geographical proximity to the details given.

Customers are able to sign in to receive regular emails that relate to similar property searches and regulated by a Cron job. The URL is also kept tidy with the htaccess file.

This project was both a development and design challenge, particularly with such distinct corporate colours.

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Opening page of Weir and Hodgkinson website

Page showing specific property types

Part of the single property page

Section of the Weir and Hodgkinson CMS