Mater Ecclesiae Convent
Launched 2010

This was my first live project and arguably the least technically complicated, yet possibly the most culturally sensitive.

The main concern was encapsulating an empathetic portrayal that took into consideration the obvious sentiments of both the residential Sisters of the convent and the potential audience.

There is very little reliance on server-side scripting as the information on the website is relatively constant. It has however been scripted using PHP files and specific classes I have built so as to reduce the repetition of code.

Accessibility was a key consideration with this site so a text-only version with high contrast was also incorporated. The view is determined by changing the CSS which is in turn reliant on a PHP Session to ensure consistency when traversing the site.

Including the header photograph, the majority of images have been shot and manipulated by myself and the 'About Us' page shows a simple pure JavaScript slideshow.

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Opening page of Mater Ecclesiae Convent website

Section of a standard page

This is the links page to information the Sisters felt relevant

This is the high contrast text only version of a page