Comprehension of a target audience is essential in both design and development. This is particularly important when a brand is attempting to advance into new global markets. Empathy with local traditions, customs, expectations and sensitivities should be taken into consideration if truly optimising the potential reach of a brand.

This example shows how the well established British retail business Fat Face would have to adapt in appealing to an Israeli audience without losing its own distinctive identity. The assignment required an initial investigation as to the appropriateness of the product and an understanding of how the brand could adapt to local aspirations, while at the same time acknowledging the sensitivities of the local geopolitical environment.

In attempting to cater for as wide an Israeli audience as possible the proposal concluded by offering the website in the three prominent languages of Israel and utilising a distinctly localised approach.

Whilst the example put forward was by no means a ready-for-publication product, this academic study demonstrates the necessity to appreciate and accommodate localisation in a global market.

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Fat Face home page taking a Hebrew speaking audience into consideration.

Fat Face home page taking an Arabic speaking audience into consideration.

Fat Face home page taking an English speaking audience into consideration.