Goldenshot Fine Art Reprographic Studio
Launched 2011

Commissioned by a fine art reprographic studio, this project enabled slightly more creative flexibility than the previous two ventures.

The camera to the top left of each page was built with a combination of the open source 3D package Blender and Photoshop.

The home page also holds a 'Ken Burns' style slideshow presenting various work produced by the company.

Although this website is heavily reliant on JavaScript and jQuery for the various effects displayed, it's overall composition is relatively straightforward due to the minimal dependency on server-side interaction.

Currently the gallery page is the only area that the client is able to either add or delete images from as this is controlled by a very basic CMS.

Simple yes, but equally stylish and presents the services offered by the client in a clear and concise manner.

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Opening page of Goldenshot website

This is the paginated gallery with each image loading in a lightbox

The image on the location page converts to a google map

The contact email form is loaded via jQuery and parsed via Ajax.