Chiltern Railway
Launched late 2014

When working for First Calirty this fully responsive rebuild of the Chiltern Railways site was constructed using Drupal 7 as the CMS.

This was a seven month development build from the discovery phase though to going to beta.

Primarily built by myself, I was assisted for eight weeks by another PHP developer.

While utilising many community contributed modules this also involved the deployment of custom features and modules.

Throughout the site there are various calls to external APi's pulling back date to either be displayed as travel information, or to enable the user to book specific train journeys via Chilterns' external booking site.

The booking widgets are heavily reliant on javascript both of the processing of returned data as well as the animation of the widgets internal elements.

I used SASS to complement the basic responsive Skeleton theme having to take IE8 limitations into consideration.

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Chiltern home page on iPad

Chiltern home page on iPhone