Simon Peacock

My name is Simon and I'm a "30-something" professional web developer living in Essex with my two beautiful children, along with my equally beautiful stalwart and wife Cathy.

In November 2011 I completed a BSc Web Development degree at SAE Institute London where I was able to focus on my strong passion for all web related coding and deliver a UX package that is desired by the client and accessible for their customers.

My preferred languages for controlling the back-end environment are OO PHP and mySQL, while on the front-end I use XHTML/HTML5, CSS2/CSS3 and deploy JavaScript predominantly via jQuery. I also like to take advantage of AJAX and JSON.

When I first started delving into coding I was fascinated by what could be achieved with Flash and as a consequence started to learn AS2. This knowledge was succeeded by AS3 when I was at college and although the end result can now often be achieved with either jQuery or HTML5, I still believe Flash has a future on the Internet. As developers the future is something we constantly have to be aware of and therefore, as the mobile phone market continues to expand, I recently developed an application for the Android platform which gave me the experience of both the Android SDK and Java.

I also have a very strong conviction for accessibility and while some may feel this might be impeded by AJAX, with the implementation of the Wai-Aria framework the benefits of dynamically refreshed content can be delivered to those using assistive technology.

After spending fourteen years in the old (print) media primarily as a retoucher, I have a strong understanding of the skills required to deliver a product on time, on budget and to give the client a sense of personal attention. This has given me a professional and committed outlook as I continue the venture into new media.

In 2009 I became a Certified Expert in Adobe Photoshop CS3 and my ethos towards design generally fits the philosophy that "less is more". Throughout this website are examples of my freelance work, employment work and college projects, along with code examples.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or enquiries.

I look forward to speaking with you!